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Amy Smart Talks About ‘Crank High Voltage’

Crank High Voltage Jason Statham, and Amy Smart

Jason Statham and Amy Smart in ‘Crank High Voltage.’

© Lionsgate Films

Believe it or not, Jason Statham is back as Chev Chelios in the sequel to CrankCrank High Voltage. It may have looked as though he died in the first film, but plunging from a helicopter didn’t kill him. Also returning is Chev’s girlfriend Eve, played by Amy Smart.

In Crank, Chev was poisoned and had to keep his heart pumping at a furious pace in order to stay alive. This time around his heart’s been replaced by a battery operated mechanical device. Adrenaline kept him going the first time but in Crank High Voltage it’s all about body friction, according to Smart. And in a conference call in support of the April 17, 2009 release of Crank High Voltage, Smart did her best not to give too much away while chatting up the action-packed film.

On Topping the Outrageous Scenes from Crank in Crank High Voltage:

“Well, they definitely topped it. They basically took the same premise as Crank 1 where he has to do – he now has an artificial heart and has to make friction with his body to keep the battery charged, to keep his heart working. So they found many more outrageous things he can do to keep his heart rate up.”

On Her Reaction to Her Character’s Antics in Crank High Voltage:

“Initially I’m really excited to do it because it’s just so outrageous. I really enjoyed doing the first one. Personally I had so much fun filming. It’s just another way to sort of live out a fantasy because it’s not in real life. You wouldn’t probably do this in real life. And because it’s over the top and funny at the time, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and so half the takes are messed up because we end up laughing because it’s so funny and so outrageous. But I’m pretty game. I’m not scared to look like a complete fool in front of people. It’s just not one of my insecurities.”

On Her Craziest Stunt in Crank High Voltage:

“It’s hard to say just one, honestly. But there is a part in the film where I’m getting sprayed with a fire hose down a horse race track, and it’s just like one of those massive water hoses that literally spray 30 feet. And that just felt so disgusting. I’m in the mud and there’s horse sh-t in the mud and it just felt dirty and gross and I just needed a shower afterwards.”

On Her Character’s Decision to be a Pole Dancer:

“She, because of her scene in Chinatown, she became very sexually liberated and decided to pursue pole dancing as a way of continuing that exploration.”

On Doing Her Own Stunts and Jason Statham:

“Jason was very protective, almost like an older brother, because he wanted to make sure I felt comfortable and I felt safe. So we made sure with the stunt coordinator that I really got down all the moves I needed to make in order to be safe about it. He was just very protective. He just wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt myself.”

On Working with Two Directors:

“Both of them, they actually work very well together, as well as they shoot the movie, so what I liked about both of them is it’s nice to have the director actually behind the camera really being a part of [the experience]. I’ve worked with a number of two directors – not a number but I think three or four – of a directing team – and because they wrote it, because they both see the vision so clearly about what they want, they were really fun to work with. They both have lots of energy. They balance each other out.”

On Her Catfight with Bai Ling in the Film:

“She is hilarious. She is the funniest person. We actually have a catfight in the strip bar and she kind of tags along with Jason towards the beginning of the movie. My character’s stripping and has a new boyfriend, played by Corey Haim. My character thinks he’s dead and he just shows up. There’s a little competition now between the girl that he’s been tagging along with and [me]. It’s funny. She just has this really wild energy.”

On Working with Corey Haim:

“You know, he was a lovely person to work with. He was so, so happy to be back at work after so long and so grateful and happy. Himself, he’s such a character. He lost all that weight so he’s back to a very normal body type. He has really good comedic timing, so he plays my pimp/boyfriend in the film. He’s got this really funny mullet and he thinks he’s such a tough guy.”

On the Possibility of Crank 3:

“I know definitely that they are talking about the third film, but I have no idea what the story or the premise would be yet.”

* * * * *

Crank High Voltage hits theaters on April 17, 2009 and is rated R for frenetic strong bloody violence throughout, crude and graphic sexual content, nudity and pervasive language.


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