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Keith Urban – ‘Defying Gravity’

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Keith Urban - 'Defying Gravity'

Keith Urban – ‘Defying Gravity’

Capitol Nashvill

Defying Gravity Bottom Line:

Traditional country music fans might have a problem with this album, as it is has strayed even further away from the type of music Keith has released in the past. There’s a lot of rock and pop elements mixed in with country which has been brewing for a couple years now. The drum loops might be off-putting to some, but if you open your eyes and choose to experience it from a different perspective you might be pleasantly surprised. As a long-time Keith Urban fan, I know this album makes me happy and the overall feeling from Keith is that he’s living a happy life too.

About Keith Urban:

Keith Urban’s Defying Gravity is one of the year’s most highly anticipated albums and with good reason. How could it not be with as much talent the man has and the undying love and devotion from his fans / Monkeyville fan club members. I’ve been a Keith Urban fan from the very beginning (with single number one), only it really started taking off once he released his Golden Road album. From then on I’ve always made it a point to follow and keep up with his amazing journey to the superstar status he enjoys to this day.To take the time to look back at Keith Urban’s first few years in the business and compare them to today’s times it might seem like the difference is like apples and oranges. But if you really dive deep, you’ll find that Keith’s massive talent has always been there and as the “Days Go By” we as fans and listeners of country music have embraced him with open arms. I’m glad that he isn’t a “fly by night” artist who is all over the media for a year and then gone without a trace. No matter what genre you place him in – there’s no way you can deny how skilled he is.

Defying Gravity The Songs:

At first I was surprised that “Sweet Thing” wasn’t the opening track on the album, but “Kiss A Girl,” (the album’s second single) is very similar in sound and feel so it doesn’t make too much of a difference. Plus it really sets the tone of “saying goodbye to all these blues” for at least a few minutes.

Keith Urban

Keith Urban
Danny Clinch

If you look at the next two songs sequentially, “If Ever I Could Love” fits perfectly as the next one in line because the man is saying that he’s finally found that special person who has managed to capture that special place in his heart – the one that feels comfortable with the woman, yet there’s a lot more room to grow.”Sweet Thing” was the album’s first single and from the first listen it’s been stuck in my mind – non-stop – even now. There’s a reason it was released before other singles and it’s so undeniably catchy there was no way it wouldn’t reach No. 1 status on the Billboard charts.

A special mention must be made for the song, “‘Til Summer Comes Around.” It is difficult explaining how special it is without saying that you need to hear it for yourself. Every little part of the song – the lyrics, backing music, lonely guitar solos and even the waves crashing at the end make for the perfect way of showing just how lonely and longing the man is to see the girl from five years ago. She said that she would be back to see him so he worked at the pier every summer and after all these years he still remembers the feelings they shared and hopes to re-capture that. Even though he knows in the back of his mind it won’t happen. What a truly fantastic song. Definitely one of my favorites, if not the only one.

“Hit The Ground Runnin'” just screams out “Please, release me as a single!” What I especially enjoyed the initial times I played the song is the first ten seconds. The other three minutes and fifteen seconds is equally as wonderful – but the way the ganjo (yes, ganjo) riff and the guitar’s “ghost-note” trade bars produced a unique way of opening a song. The rest of the tune has flashy guitar playing as only Keith Urban would be able to provide and makes you want to do just as the title suggests.While “Hit The Ground Runnin'” is rockin’, the opposite could be said for “Only You Could Love Me This Way.” It’s quite lovely with a mix of acoustic guitars, ganjo, and the usage of an e-bow. As far as lyrics go, it’s pretty self-explanatory by the title. A man is saying all the things a woman wants to hear.

When I realized that Keith Urban would be recording a version of Radney Foster / Georgia Middleman’s song “I’m In,” I wasn’t worried because he did a fine job with “Raining On Sunday.” The first time I heard Keith’s version I was a bit apprehensive but only because I was so used to the original version. It’s great to see that Keith recognizes what a talented songwriter and artist Radney is (same with Georgia Middleman), and is pushing him even more into the spotlight. Sometimes I feel like Radney is a best-kept secret.

Defying Gravity has touches of Keith’s married life and new-found happiness all over the place. Nowhere else is that more apparent than in the closing track “Thank You.” Co-written by Keith with Rick Nowels, the openness and honesty not only in the lyrics but the heart and soul of Keith’s vocals comes across in a way that I don’t think I’ve witnessed from the artist. Not to say that in the past he hasn’t exuded emotion (because he has). It’s just that this particular track comes from a deeper, different place. An amazing end to yet another winning album from Keith Urban.

Release date: March 31, 2009 – Capitol Nashville

Defying Gravity Track List:

  1. “Kiss A Girl”
  2. “If Ever I Could Love”
  3. “Sweet Thing”
  4. “‘Til Summer Comes Around”
  5. “My Heart Is Open”
  6. “Hit The Ground Runnin'”
  7. “Only You Can Love Me This Way”
  8. “Standing Right In Front Of You”
  9. “Why’s It Feel So Long”
  10. “I’m In”
  11. “Thank You”

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