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‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Press Conference – The Cast and Director Gavin Hood

Hugh Jackman Taylor Kitsch X-Men Origins Wolverine

Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch,, Lynn Collins and Director Gavin Hood Press Conference

Do you have any special memories from the set?

Lynn Collins: “We were on this location and Hugh came up to me and said, ‘You know, we’ve seen some of the dailies and we just think that your outfit needs to be skimpier,’ so I was like, ‘Sh-t! Okay, whatever.’ He was like, ‘So, we found something for you. We put it in your trailer. Can you please try it on?’ There was a gaggle of men [standing outside]. And so I go into my trailer and there is a [tiny] silver spandex dress, and I had this panic attack. I was like, ‘Oh, my God, they’re all standing in front of the trailer so I have to put it on.’ I put it on and it didn’t fit. You could see my butt and my breasts. It was horrible. I opened the door and everybody was cracking up, and Hugh was like, ‘April Fool’s.'”

Hugh Jackman: “I love that you put it on and didn’t slap me in the face.’

Lynn Collins: “It was horrible and slit up the thigh where a very tender area of a woman’s body was just exposed in front of a lot of men.”

Hugh Jackman: “If we put that on the DVD extras, sales would go through the roof.”

Taylor Kitsch: “I’m reminded of the pressure of playing Gambit, especially before I got to Oz, but the biggest memory that stuck out for me was when I first got there. I wasn’t working my first day. I was nervous and when I first met Hugh, it was really great because I just felt that I was already at home and I had the opportunity of a lifetime, and this guy was going to catch me if I fell. He’s ready to take risks. With all the pressure, it was just really great to know that I was going to work with someone that was so genuine and open.”

Hugh Jackman: “And then, I stabbed him.”

Taylor Kitsch: “And then he stabbed me and I bled a lot on set.”

Hugh Jackman: “We were in a fight scene and Taylor reeled back very quickly and someone called, ‘Cut!’ I looked down at my claws and there were only two claws left, and I looked over at Taylor and it was sticking out of his thumb and he was just looking at it.”

Taylor Kitsch: “Yeah, those were some good memories, Hugh.”

Hugh Jackman: “It was good for me. I liked it. It’s my Australian sense of humor. Genuinely, for me it’s a rare experience, as a producer, to be involved so heavily with casting and to feel so attached to a scene you’re about to play with everybody and the actors who are playing the characters. Some directors don’t like to rehearse so, often on film, you can turn up the day before and meet someone who is playing your wife or your lover. I was so excited to be involved because movies exist on relationships and characters, and to be in every one of these scenes was a great thrill for me.”

“And then, as a personal moment, when we were all together in January when finally Ryan Reynolds’ schedule had loosened up for us, and we had all flown in to be with him, we were shooting and it was the inauguration and we all stopped to view the inauguration of the President. For me, that was a highlight because by that point we felt like family. To be together and to be united again by that moment was pretty amazing.”

Ryan Reynolds: “For me, there was a weird silver dress in my trailer. I honestly worked probably the longest day of my life on this movie. It’s a huge movie, so there were several units going at once and I had a day where I was going back and forth from each unit. It was about a 22-hour day and there was make-up and all these things, and I had to spin these swords at a million miles an hour around my body and, by about hour 19, I had a couple of extremely close calls with these katana swords. When you’re spinning these swords, you wanna wear pants for that. I honestly just about lost my future legacy a couple of times, and I had to take a little break and pour myself a nice shot of espresso so I could carry on. That, for me, was probably the worst of it.”

Liev Schreiber: “Early on in the film, we were shooting in New Zealand and it was the first big fight sequence for Hugh and I, which was outside of the bar. And Hugh and I had rehearsed day and night for that. I’ll admit and be candid that I wasn’t sure that, physically, I was up to this role. Now I know I am, but initially I was a little concerned. I’m sorry to say this in public but Hugh and I, being the elder statesmen of this cast, were both rightfully concerned that we wouldn’t be able to pull off the fight that the stunt guys had shown us. Sure, we’d been lifting weights and we looked large, but what they were asking for was truly impossible and brutal. And I just remember the third night after shooting until six in the morning, every night, looking over at Hugh and the two of us were just so smashed up by the fight, and desperate to impress our small sons at home. They said, ‘Would you guys like to do one more?,’ and I remember looking across at Hugh, praying to myself that he would say, ‘I’m tired. I want to go home and go to bed.’ And Hugh said, ‘No, I feel great!'”

Hugh Jackman: “That was the biggest lie of my life.”

Liev Schreiber: “And I looked across at him and said, ‘Yeah, I feel great, too.’ They looked at Hugh and said, ‘One more?,’ and Hugh said, ‘No, I could do two more!’ So I said, ‘Yeah, I could probably do three or four more!’ And that was my sole motivation for the rest of this entire film.”

4: Intense Scenes and an Intense Action Scene Required Toe-Pulling

Tahyna Tozzi and Lynn Collins in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine.’

© 20th Century Fox

Lynn Collins Wolverine

Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch,, Lynn Collins and Director Gavin Hood Press Conference “For me, the whole trip [was a memorable experience]. On the first airplane over to Sydney I was excited. I was like, ‘Wow, this [is] real!’ This is my first big thing. Usually, I tour around the world with my friends when we’re going to sing in Sydney, but here I was going by myself for the first time, which was the total opposite of what I normally do. So, the whole memory was wonderful. I remember each day. But, the one that sticks out the most was the inauguration because I had just got finished performing and then straight after that I did CNN, rushed to the airplane, flew back and put on my Wraith suit. I remember staying on set that day after doing the inauguration and it was just two different worlds. Of course, I was excited and wanted to share, but I wanted to focus on what I was there to do. It was wonderful to see everybody’s face when I walked in. Everybody was excited and said, ‘Wow, we just saw it on TV!,’ and I was like, ‘I was there!’ The most memorable thing for me was that day.”

Gavin Hood: “For me, it was trying to figure out how to direct Hugh Jackman when he wouldn’t listen, or couldn’t listen, to a single thing I said. Hugh was submerged in that tank and he goes through a range of emotions. He enters the tank fairly nervous, but calm. He sees spinning needles coming down into his body and he goes through this period of escalation where his heart rate goes crazy and he freaks out. And then, he dies. There was a lot he had to remember, as we were going along. And then he hears someone saying he might erase his memory and he starts to come around and then he snaps out of the tank, roars up, and he is the Wolverine that everybody has been wanting to see. It’s the best shot in the movie. So, I had to figure out how we were going to do it because he couldn’t hear a thing I was saying.”

“We experimented with this underwater speaker that they assured me was going to work, but Hugh was hearing nothing. It was a total disaster. And he couldn’t just do it by himself, unfortunately, even though we’d figured out these steps, because the cameras were moving. So, we had a very advance technique for that particular scene where I rolled up my sleeves, stuck my hand in the tank, held onto his big toe and explained to him that, ‘One grab of the toe is the moment when the procedure begins. By the time I get down to the baby toe, I’m going to yank that thing and that’s when you come roaring out of the tank.’ We had this whole system worked out. And then he screwed it up. I’d be on toe three and he’d think it was toe two, and he’d come roaring out. I’d be like, ‘How long do you want to stay under the water for?'”

Hugh Jackman: “But, that shot of me coming out of the tank is actually me responding to the two dislocated toes on my right foot.”

Ryan Reynolds: “This little piggy got pissed.”

Hugh and Liev, playing such intense characters, how did you de-stress at the end of the day?

Liev Schreiber: “I’ve never been someone who takes characters home with me at night. The claws and the teeth came off. Unfortunately, the sideburns didn’t. But, I’ve never really had a problem with that. Also, particularly in my case, I was playing anger, which is a relatively easy emotion to access. I know you’re all thinking, ‘Oh, he’s an angry guy!’ No. It’s easy for everyone.”

Hugh Jackman: “That’s true.”

Liev Schreiber: “It’s a much easier emotion than love.”

Hugh Jackman: “I feel the same. In fact, playing Wolverine is great therapy, really. Playing Victor is probably the same thing. You get to exorcise a lot of your demons, and then go home feeling very, very relaxed and happy.”

Can you talk about working with Lynn and developing the love story between Wolverine and Kayla Silverfox?

Hugh Jackman: “Lynn plays a character, and fulfills a role, that was so vital to this movie. For fans, it will be a little shocking to see a love story there. But, for anyone who knows acting and film structure, what Lynn had to pull off in the film was probably one of the most difficult things to do. She did an amazing job and I was really, really proud of what she did.”

“The casting of Lynn was something Gavin and I were so passionate about. The person that Wolverine could be in love with, but more importantly, the person who could be in love with this guy, was so vital and she did an amazing job. I don’t want to belittle anybody else in the film. I’m so proud of it. I just wanted to say what an amazing job she did.”

Gavin Hood: “I just want to second that. Hugh makes a very valid point. Lynn did have the hardest role in this movie because it’s the one that you can most easily screw up. You have to be somebody who’s in love, and then you have to betray, and then you have to be liked again. One minute she’s the lover, then she’s the b-tch, and then she’s the lover. So, well done.”

Do you think you’ll host the Oscars again?

Hugh Jackman: “I have to be asked. You know how that thing works.”

Finish this sentence – I know it’s summer when…

Hugh Jackman: “When May 1st appears. It’s when the summer blockbusters start rolling around.”

Are you still keeping up your physical regimen?

Hugh Jackman: “As Will Smith says, it’s easier to stay ready than get ready. I heard he said that. I don’t know if it’s true. It sounds pretty right to me. Trust me, I’m on a much more relaxed regimen than when I was making this.”

Do you do five mile runs like Will does?

Hugh Jackman: “Is that what he does? I do a lot of trapeze work right now. I’m working on the trapeze five days a week. I do that because it’s fun and different, and I needed to get out of lifting weights. But, I go back to the gym sometimes. I do a bit of everything. I make sure I enjoy it.”


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