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Top 10 Eminem Songs of All Time

Eminem’s prolific song-writing is part of what makes him one of the greatest emcees of all time. Check out the Detroit MC’s best 10 songs of all time.

10. “Remember Me” (feat. RBX & Sticky Fingaz) [Marshall Mathers LP]

© Shady/Interscope
| Download |Before quirky beefs tore them apart, Eminem and Onyx frontman Sticky Fingaz hooked up with erstwhile Death Row artist RBX for this hardcore concept gem. The chorus switches whenever a different MC grabs the mic, blending rhymes from songs like “No Mercy, No Remorse,” “I’m Shady,” and “Slam” to create the perfectly unorthodox posse cut

9. “Sing for the Moment” [The Eminem Show]

© Shady/Interscope
| Download |Taking a page from Aerosmith’s songbook, Marshall creates a sprawling eye-opener about the hazards of monkey-see-monkey-do. Over the backdrop of Joe Perry’s piercing guitar strokes, Em quips: “They say music can alter moods and talk to you./Well can it load a gun up for you and cock it too?/Well if it can, and the next time you assault a dude,/ Just tell the judge it was my fault, and I’ll get sued.”

8. “Rock Bottom” [The Slim Shady LP]

© Shady/Interscope
| Download |Having lyrically enraged everyone, including his (now estranged) wife and his mom, you would least expect Eminem to have a soft spot in his heart. “Rock Bottom” has Em kicking his angry blonde image to the curb for a moment of introspection and self-pity, obviously penned at a time when life was “full of empty promises and broken dreams.”

7. “We as Americans” [Encore B-Side]

© Fernando Leon/Getty Images
| Download |Sure, Eminem initiated a shift towards political candidness on The Eminem Show, but this pre-“Mosh” thump truly solidified his no-holds-barred attitude. Over the backdrop of riveting piano loops, Em spites everyone from the police department to the president.

6. “Till I Collapse” (feat. Nate Dogg) [The Eminem Show]

| Download |Highlighted by a sprightly sound clash and stained with enough frustration that reveals Marshall’s unwillingness to abandon his hip-hop roots, the Nate Dogg-assisted “Till I Collapse” is a special song indeed. Despite his fury, Slim stops to salute his elders: “I got a list here’s the order that my list it’s in;/It goes Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie Andre from OutKast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me.”

5. “Role Model” [The Slim Shady LP]

© Shady Records/Interscope
| Download |“I’m cancerous, so when I diss you wouldn’t wanna answer this/If you responded back with a battle rap you wrote for Canibus//”
Some say this was the one that jumped off a battle between Eminem and Canibus. Whatever the case, “Role Model” stands as a testament to the impeccable chemistry between Eminem and his producer-mentor Dr. Dre.

4. “Yellow Brick Road” [Encore]

© Shady/Interscope
| Download |The “N” word is already at the heart of a burning controversy within the African-American populace. So, imagine what the world’s most famous white rapper was up against when a couple of kids came forth with a tape of him using the racial epithet. Rather than hop on a podium and yell “I’m not racist!,” Em opted for a viable approach: a song indexing his upbringing in a pre-dominantly black Detroit neighborhood. “Yellow Brick Road” chronicles what that tape forgot to tell you.

3. “Guilty Conscience” (featuring Dr.Dre) [The Slim Shady LP]

| Download |With Dr. Dre posturing as the antithesis of Em’s evil-minded conscience, both doctor and patient conceive a cure for dry hip-hop collaborations. Slim Shady instructs a young party-crasher to rape a 15-yr old girl, while Dre battles him to prevent the disturbingly immoral act from occurring. Hip-hop emerges victorious.

2. “The Way I Am” [Marshall Mathers LP]

© Shady/Interscope
| Download |No targets. No punching bags. Just Eminem defending his sheer existence as an unapologetic, foul-mouthed, lyrically-equipped artist who can’t stand boy bands.

1. “Stan” (featuring Dido) [Marshall Mathers LP]

|Download|You only need to listen to “Stan” once before realizing that this ill-fated account of a psychotic Eminem worshipper is simply unforgettable. “Stan” unmasks a vulnerable Eminem, one that turns up the pathos several notches while barely raising his voice. Dido’s ethereal crooning adds more soot to the tale.


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