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The red carpet at the LA premiere of the Warner Bros Pictures R-rated action pic Ninja Assassin was littered with ninjas… Littered doesn’t sound right. A handful of guys dressed in ninja attire hung out – literally – on scaffolds surrounding the red carpet, which should have made the film’s cast and crew feel right at home. Korean pop singer Rain, who tackles his first leading role in a major feature film, was totally unaffected by the ninjas as he hit the red carpet to talk about Ninja Assassin along with his co-stars Rick Yune and Stephen Marcus, producer Joel Silver, and director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta).

Producer Silver said that Rain’s move from singer to leading man wasn’t that difficult of a leap. “He was a great dancer, but he was able to learn how to do all the fights and understand how to do all the martial arts, and really had great skill at it,” said Silver. “He just took it and ran with it. I mean it was very impressive to see him learn how to do it and watch him do it. He’s very good in the movie and he pulls it off really well.” What else did he have to say about his Ninja Assassinstar? Check out these exclusive interviews for more Ninja news:

More on Ninja Assassin:

 The preview audience I saw Old Dogs with was either a) in training to provide laugh tracks for TV sitcoms or b) amped up on caffeine or c) the easiest audience ever to sit through a comedy movie. Based on their reaction, Old Dogs is the funniest film of the decade. But I just don’t get what’s so funny. Old Dogsdoesn’t try any new tricks, relying instead on the same old overused gags and tried and true – and tired – topics for jokes. That reliance on old material means the humor of Old Dogs gets old quickly. Read the Old Dogs Review…


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