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The History of Elvis: 1956

Elvis Presley Events, Recordings, Discography, and Concerts in 1956

1956 was the year Elvis

1. Elvis History: 1956

1956 was the year in which Elvis appeared on the national stage, largely thanks to television and radio. Yet allowing the entire country to view his act in all its unfettered glory was, ironically, the one thing that outraged the very entertainment world of which Elvis longed to be a part.

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2. Elvis Timeline: 1956

The King goes straight from TV to movies, flops in Vegas, gets humiliated by a hound dog, and generally causes panic everywhere he goes.

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3. Elvis Recording Sessions: 1956

Elvis heads to RCA’s Nashville studios and cuts his first big hit. And then some!

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4. Elvis Discography: 1956

Elvis releases a ton of EPs, two classic albums, and a fistful of legendary singles.

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5. Elvis Concerts: 1956

Elvis hits the heartland, makes it to TV, and says goodbye to the Hayride.

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6. Elvis Movies: 1956

The King co-stars in a Civil War drama, dies, and steals the show.

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