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Gary Oldman and Jennifer Beals Interviews on The Book of Eli

Gary Oldman plays the ruthless ruler of a group of survivors leaving in harsh circumstances in the post-apocalyptic thriller, The Book of Eli. Jennifer Beals (The L Word) co-stars as Oldman’s girlfriend and Mila Kunis’ mother in the dramatic film from Allen and Albert Hughes (From Hell, Dead Presidents). The film’s dark and gritty, but the mood at the premiere – thankfully – was much more lighthearted.

On the ‘black’ carpet set up in front of the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Oldman and Beals chatted up the movie prior to taking in the special screening. And before Oldman could escape down the carpet, I asked for an update on the next Batman movie. Oldman says he hasn’t heard anything yet, but he’d still love to do another one. He’s ready to play James Gordon again whenever Christopher Nolan’s ready. “I figure they’ll be a while because he’s just done this big sci-fi movie, but I’m hoping there will be a third,” said Oldman.


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