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Gabriel Says No to Genesis Rock Hall Reunion


Peter GabrielSome members of Genesis may perform when the band is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March, but Peter Gabriel won’t be one of them. In fact, Gabriel, the band’s original vocalist (1967-75) tells Rolling Stone he isn’t even certain that he’ll even attend the March 15 induction ceremony.

It’s nothing personal, says Gabriel, just a practical consideration. “I learned at our last reunion that you can’t just get up there. You have to rehearse.” The last reunion was in 1982. The next, according to Gabriel, may be to collaborate on the soundtrack for a movie version of the 1974 Genesis concept album, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. “If it is to happen,” Gabriel said, “we might work together on that. We’ll see.

Steven TylerSeriously, I was expecting a punch line after I read the Rolling Stone headline: “Steven Tyler Sings Aerosmith at a California Pub’s Karaoke Night.” The joke would start with, “This guy walks into a karaoke bar in Palm Springs …”

Turns out the joke was on me. Tyler really did walk into a karaoke bar (with his entourage) and shortly thereafter interrupted some other bar patrons’ admittedly lousy rendition of “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and finished it himself. I kid you not.

This makes it not so hard to understand why the rest of Aerosmith are busy looking for a vocalist to fill in while Tyler is busy writing his life story or contemplating his navel or going to karaoke bars as part of his substance abuse rehab. Auditions are set to begin next month, according to Billboard.

Yes, Tyler says he intends to return to the band full bore after he gets sufficiently straightened out, but his band mates aren’t betting on that being any time soon. The impromptu appearance at Karaoke Night would seem to validate the wisdom of the band’s search for a replacement, temporary or otherwise.


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