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Most Anticipated Punk Releases For 2010


 As the decade draws to a close (depending on who you’re asking anyway – in my opinion it was 2000-2009), the news is already rolling in about the albums that will be launching the next 10 years. Here are the 10 records we really want to hear next year.

10. Pennywise – TBA (???)

Still just an album that’s not much more than a rumor based on a post from the band’s tour management site, this is one of 2010’s wild card releases. With nobody currently filling the band’s frontman slot (other than “interim” singing from Ignite’s Zoli Teglas), it remains to be seen what direction, if any, this band is going to take.

9. Kings of Nuthin’ – ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ (Sailor’s Grave, February 2)

Sailor’s Grave
After taking some time off for “legal troubles, injuries, and baby makin’,” Boston’s masters of fusing street punk with ’50s rock, big band jazz and swing are returning to Sailor’s Grave with Old Habits Die Hard, their first release since 2006’s Over The Counter Culture, an album made up heavily of cover songs that all benefited from their manhandling. Old Habits Die Hard promises more of this gritty retro street sound, except that it will be made of songs that belong to the Kings and the Kings alone.

8. Bouncing Souls – ‘Ghosts on the Boardwalk’ (Chunksaah, January 12)

Nicole Lucas
This one is guaranteed to be great; I know this because I’ve heard it already. In fact, all of us who subscribed to the band’s 20th Anniversary Series in 2009 did. Ghosts on the Boardwalk compiles the 12 tracks from the band’s subscription series of 2009, minus the bonus tracks (available only to subscribers from the series and to those who bought the 7” series – I did both), and will include bonus content in the for of The Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary TV Special. It’s a clear sign that the band is still hitting hard after 20 years, and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

7. Bad Religion – TBA (Epitaph, Fall 2010)

Nicole Lucas
If 20 years of the Bouncing Souls seem impressive, prepare to be blown away as Bad Religion celebrates 30 years as a band with a new album, the first since 2007’s New Maps of Hell celebrated 25 years as a band (even though it came out 27 years after they got together, which is a long story that we won’t get into). It will be entirely new; the band has, as of yet, not performed any of the tracks live or given sneak previews. So far, a few songs have been written, and the band plans on going into the studio in April.

6. Street Drum Corps – TBA (Interscope, Spring 2010)

The punk rock percussion outfit is slated to release its major label debut on Interscope in spring. If you’ve not heard these guys before, but are a fan of big drum sounds, these guys -– sort of like Stomp, but punker –- are exactly what you’re looking for. Past releases have been pure percussive rapture, and this one, a double album, should be no different. This time around, look for pure drumming with guest drummers that run the gamut from Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) to Shannon Leto (Thirty Seconds To Mars) on the first disc. The second disc, which may be one of 2010’s biggest surprises, will be a full-fleshed pop punk album influenced by Adam and the Ants and Siouxsie and the Banshees, with member Bobby Alt making his vocal debut.

5. Dillinger Escape Plan – ‘Option Paralysis’ (Party Smasher Inc, March 23)

Dillinger Escape Plan
An intense band known for an even more intense (intenser?) live act, New Jersey’s Dillinger Escape Plan have been teasing fans with snippets of their new release, Option Paralysis, via MySpace and on a December tour. Playing with the energy and complex melodies the band has made their trademarks, Option Paralysis will be the debut release on the band’s own label, Party Smasher Inc/Season of Mist.

4. My Chemical Romance – TBA (Reprise, Spring 2010)

Apparently the Black Parade really is dead. My Chemical Romance seems to have gotten the theatrical bravado they displayed on their 2006 concept album out of their system, as this time around they’ve brought it back down to raw punk rock again. Three songs that have already debuted live have turned out to be raw, dark, punchy and most of all, stripped down. Perhaps the band is moving in the opposite direction that Green Day has taken after their biggest productions. If so, welcome back guys.

3. AM Taxi – TBA (Virgin, Spring 2010)

For The Win!
If the Gaslight Anthem are punk rock’s take on Springsteen, then Chicago’s AM Taxi might be punk rock’s take on Gaslight Anthem. Mixing great songwriting with elements of old-school punk and influences as diverse as Clash-fueled reggae, world beat and pure pop, their Virgin Records debut is an album on the easy track to being one of the best in 2010.

2. Street Dogs – TBA (Epitaph, Summer 2010)

Nicole Lucas
The second Boston punk band to make the list is Street Dogs. Fronted by Mike McColgan, a guy whose resume also includes being a veteran of the first Gulf War, founding (and arguably best) vocalist of the Dropkick Murphys and a member of the Boston Fire Department, this is a band that embodies the ideal of the Boston Irish blue-collar punk mentality. Expect songs about the working class, feeling broke and broken down, and being in the union. Also expect them all to be great.

1. Alkaline Trio – ‘This Addiction’ (Epitaph, February 23)

Nicole Lucas
With a promise to return to their old-school punk roots and a new contract with Epitaph Records, Alkaline Trio is poised to produce an album that could herald back to the glory days of releases likeGoddamnit!. If they can deliver on that promise, This Addicition will make a lot of old-school fans happy. If they can’t, it might make some teenage girls even happier. This album could prove to either be one of the biggest triumphs or biggest disappointments this year.

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