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Bradley Cooper Interview-Valentine’s Day and The A-Team

Bradley Cooper shares screentime with Julia Roberts in the ensemble romantic comedy ‘Valentine’s Day’ directed by Garry Marshall. On the red carpet, Cooper talked about reuniting with Roberts, working with Marshall, and his next film: ‘The A-Team.’

Transcript: Bradley Cooper Interview-Valentine’s Day and The A-Team

Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of New Line Cinema’s Valentine’s Day.

Bradley Cooper – ‘Holden’ in Valentine’s Day

Was it the appeal of Garry Marshall that made you want to do this film?Bradley Cooper: “It was a lot of things. It was Garry Marshall. Two things…and Julia Roberts.”

Reuniting with her.

Bradley Cooper: “I like that – reunited – it sounds very epic. ‘We reunited on this film.'”

On a plane, right?

Bradley Cooper: “On a plane. Yeah, we share seats next to each other on a flight coming back to Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day.”

And you don’t know each other to begin with?

Bradley Cooper: “No.”

Do you normally talk to people you don’t know on planes?

Bradley Cooper: “I usually am asleep on planes. I say 98% of the time I fall right asleep before we even take off. I sleep everywhere.”

So there’s a million stars in this, why is your character the best one to play?

Bradley Cooper: “I would say it’s not.”

Really? Who would you rather be?

Bradley Cooper: “They’re all good. They’re all good. They all have great co-stars. There’s so many great actresses in it, so you can’t go wrong in any of the roles.”

And I’m a huge A-Team fan. Are you going to please me with this movie?

Bradley Cooper: “I hope so. I really, really…I care about that movie so much.”

Do you really?

Bradley Cooper: “Are you kidding? We put our souls into that movie. Yeah, we really worked hard. I hope it works out. It was an amazing experience. I loved it. Joe Carnahan, if anyone’s going to pull it off, he is. And Rampage Jackson as BA Baracus.”

Can he act?

Bradley Cooper: “Yeah, big time. He’s fantastic. Very funny, and he’s got a smile like a hundred watt smile…thousand watt smile? A big smile.”

Is it the same tone?

Bradley Cooper: “Yeah. It’s definitely more edgy, much more edgy than the TV show for sure. If it works, it marries a really sort of action-y drama with very funny shticky kind of thing, too, like the TV show did. It toes that line.”

That’s a fine line to walk.

Bradley Cooper: “Yes, but we really… That’s what we went for so it’s either going to fail miserably or succeed tremendously.”

It’s going to succeed, right?

Bradley Cooper: “I hope so. I feel good about it. I felt great. Every day we were shooting, we walked away thinking we had got some great stuff. And Liam Neeson’s fantastic as Hannibal. Oh man, he’s great.”

And Hangover 2?

Bradley Cooper: “Yeah, we start shooting in the fall.”


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