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Sandra Bullock Talks About Her Oscar Nomination

 First-time Oscar nominee Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) joined her fellow Academy Award nominees for the annual nominee luncheon, a get-together in which the nominees get to mingle and pose for a ‘class’ photo. Prior to sitting down for the gourmet meal, Bullock addressed the media in a press conference.

Taking her place behind the podium, Bullock joked that she now knows what it feels like to be the President. “This is daunting. I’ll be answering questions about our economy and what’s going on overseas…”

Asked what is it she tells herself each day that helps her achieve her goals, Bullock replied, “I don’t really have a mantra. I’ve learned to just go with the flow,” said Bullock. Admitting she used to be a control freak who planned out every minute of her life, Bullock said that’s no longer her attitude. “I had a little Post It by the side of my bed for many years that said ‘expect as good as you give’ and that’s been really helpful.”

As for her performance and earning her first Oscar nod, Bullock was asked if she believes she’s worthy of a nod. “I know I work really hard. Just because I work really hard doesn’t mean the elements come together to make a good performance or to make a good film. So when that happens and all those elements do come together, I’m always shocked and so happy and amazed. And it’s always unexpected to me. I expect to fail so that’s why I work even harder. Does anybody expect a nomination? I certainly didn’t. I was shocked that certain ones happened, and then I go, ‘Okay, this is when the backlash happens. This is when it gets ugly.’ You go, ‘Okay, I had a nice ride. This is amazing.'”

“I literally was asleep when the phone rang. I don’t think anyone expects it but if they do, how great must that feel when they get it? I just didn’t want to be one of those people that when it didn’t come, which I was prepared for, I wouldn’t be all of a sudden crushed and realize I’d set everything up for this moment and didn’t realize how crushed I would be.”

“I’m really very amazed and thankful to be here, because I’d like to work hard for another 10, 15 years. So if this is what that means, bring it.”


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