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The History of Elvis: 1957

Elvis Presley Events, Recordings, Discography, and Concerts in 1957

The powers that be wrestled with the problem called Elvis in 1957, realizing that he was no fad and yet unsure of how to fit him into the popular culture establishment… or even if such a thing were possible.

1. Elvis History: 1957

Elvis refuses to be fit into any rigid formula, yet plays the fame game remarkably well, despite the pitfalls of success already looming on the horizon.

2. Elvis Timeline: 1957

Ed Sullivan sets the record straight, while Elvis confounds the censors, buys a nice little home, and prepares for the inevitable. 

3. Elvis Recording Sessions: 1957

Elvis goes back to gospel, revisits some rock standards, and gets in the holiday mood.

4. Elvis Discography: 1957

Teddy bears replace hound dogs, and Elvis throws a party… you know where.

5. Elvis Concerts: 1957

Elvis leaves the mainland, the country, and has a triumphant homecoming.

6. Elvis Movies: 1957

Elvis finally headlines as a delivery boy who makes it big as a singer, and an ex-con who makes it big as a singer.


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