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Turkish Airlines suspend several over weight employees

Turkish Airlines has told 28 flight attendants on suspension to lose weight or risk being fired.
It has been reported by Turkish Airlines that 28 of their flight attendants have been suspended for being over-weight and that they have been given 6 months to get in shape or risk being fired.

According to reports by Haber Turk Daily, the employees will be on unpaid leave until they’ve lost weight and will then be allowed to resume work. Of the 28 flight attendants, 15 are male and 13 female.

Turkish Airlines has said that all the employees were warned in the past to lose weight before the suspension.

One of the suspended men, Izzet Levi, is also the head of a cabin crew association and told the paper he needed to lose ten kilograms (roughly 22 pounds) in order to go back to work, his current weight is 106 kgs (233 Ib).

“Weight and height are important factors at all airlines. These criteria are important both in terms of appearance and the ability to move about,” said a statement by the airline.

Weight issues have often been a source of controversy for airlines in the past with many carriers requiring over-weight passengers to pay for a second seat in order not the inconvenience fellow passengers.

Some passengers have argued that baggage allowances should be governed by weight, with lighter individuals getting a greater baggage allowance.


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