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8 Oscars Winners Who Should Give the Award Back

The Academy Awards! The penultimate acting award given to the creme de la creme of Hollywood.  In most cases, winners continue on their path to greatness, always topping themselves and sometimes even picking up another Oscar along the way (Meryl Streep, Al Pacino and Russell Crowe come to mind).  But then there are the other Oscar winners. Those who seemed to have just won the big award as a fluke, dare I say almost by mistake.  Their careers going from the highest stratosphere to the lowest of the low.  For your consideration then, here are 8 of those Oscar winners now turned losers:

1. Cuba Gooding Jr.

Who can forgot Gooding’s rousing acceptance speech after winning Best Supporting Actor in 1996 for his role in Jerry MacGuire.  Fast forward almost 15 years later and poor Cuba can’t seem to catch a break.  Though he did have a minor role in 1997′s hit  As Good As It Gets, Gooding’s career since then has definitely taken a downturn. With roles in such flops as Snow Dogs, Norbit and Daddy Day Camp, I think the Academy should be screaming at Gooding ,”show us where your talent went!”

2. Mira Sirvino

In one of the Academy’s most amazing  upsets, Mira Sorvino beat out Joan Allen, Kathleen Quinlin , Mare Wingingham and Kate Winslet for her 1995 Best Supporting Oscar. Her annoying hooker with a heart of gold in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite was a well-written role that she added nothing to except a Jersey accent. While she did show some promise in Romi and Michelle’s High School Reunion, her career has been flat for the past 14 years as she has wallowed in TV movies and straight-to-DVD fare (a.k.a. post-Oscar purgatory).

3. Kevin Costner

The Holy Grail of Oscar flubs came in 1990 when Kevin Costner’s preachy, self righteous, overwritten loooong crapfest, Dances With Wolves stole the Oscar away from Martin Scorcese’s masterpiece Goodfellas (just what was the Academy thinking when they chose Costner as best director over Scorcese?!) Since winning, Costner has failed to act in or direct a single watchable movie (WaterworldThe Postman?!!…hellooooooo??!!).

4. Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt won for an uninspired performance in As Good As It Gets. Does anyone really think she held her own against Jack in any scene? Even against Greg Kinnear? No, sir, she did not. After her Oscar win she went on to appear in the over-manipulative Pay It Forward, was upstaged by a volleyball in Castaway and phoned in another nothing role in Bobby. Hunt did have a nice turn in What Women Want, but she hasn’t had a leading role in nearly ten years.  And just like Mira Sorvino, she beat out Kate Winslet. Say WHAT?!

5. Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger (the former Playmate and Bond Girl) finally won Oscar gold portraying the proverbial hooker with a heart of gold in L.A. Confidential.  So did Basinger build on her Oscar win and continue on her career upswing? Uh, nope.  Basinger went on to star in a series of chick flick flops like: I Dreamed of Africa, Bless the Child and The Mermaid Chair. Gee, I guess beng married to Alec Baldwin really did take a toll on her.

6. Roberto Benigni

In 1998, Roberto Benigni’s overly enthusiastic chair dancing victory was cute when he won Best Foreign film for Life is Beautiful. It was tired however, by the time he won Best Actor, beating Tom Hanks, Ed Norton, Ian McKellan and Nick Nolte.  Since then, he bombed in Pinnochio and in a re-release of Son of the Pink Panther (which tanked the first time it came out too). All told, the cutesy little Italian man has made two pictures since his 1997 Oscar win. I wonder if he still thinks life is beautiful…

7. Halle Berry

Back in 2001, Berry made history when she was the first African American woman to win the Best Actress Oscar for her role  in Monster’s Ball. Three years later however, Berry gallantly showed up at the Razzies  to accept her award for worst actress for her role in  Catwoman.  As of late,  Berry has been known more for the drama in her personal life than in her career after divorcing sex addict husband Eric Benet, having  a daughter with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and then splitting up with him 5 years later.

8. Adrian Brody

Adrien who? Exactly. Brody won a Best Actor Oscar for 2002′s The Pianist, but since that time,King Kong has been the only blockbuster to his credit. Some of his more forgettable films includeThe JacketThe VillageHollywoodlandManoleteThe Brothers Bloom and this summer’s semi-hit Predators. Right now the only thing that seems really memorable about Brody is that spit swapfest he had with Halle Berry when he accepted his Oscar.

So what other actors do you guys think should give their Oscar back?


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