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Men look at bodies, not faces, when picking date

Christina Hendricks arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit celebrating the opening of American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity in New York May 3, 2010

Men opt for curvy women, such as Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks, when picking a short-term partner Photo: REUTERS

Scientists have discovered that men, when deciding on who to date, really do made a decision based on a woman’s curvy body, not her face, let alone her wit or brains.

A study by the University of Texas at Austin has confirmed suspicions that men are only interested in a woman’s body in a short-term relationship.

Women, on the other hand, appear to be open-minded when choosing a partner.

Scientists found that men will only study a woman’s face if they are looking for a wife, rather than a short-term partner.

The study in the Evolution and Human Behaviourscience journal looked at the reactions of 375 men and women who were asked to consider dating a member of the opposite sex who face or body had been obscured.

Volunteers were asked whether they would choose either the member of the opposite sex with a pretty face or a curvy body.

The tests showed that men were much more likely to choose someone with a curvy body for a date, while they might opt for a pretty face for a longer-term relationship.

The report said: “Results revealed men removed the body box more frequently in the short-term mating condition than in the long-term mating condition, suggesting men have a condition-dependent tendency to prioritise facial cues in long-term mating contexts, but shift their priorities to bodily cues in short-term mating contexts.

“Both the body and face can provide cues as to a woman’s reproductive value and current fertility, but this study revealed men go for bodily cues more when looking for a short-term mate.”

The authors said previous studies of physical attractiveness have emphasised features that make faces and bodies attractive, such as symmetry, skin texture, and waist-to-hip ratio.

However, few have looked at the reproductively relevant cues conveyed by faces and bodies as whole units.

Based on the theory that fertility cues are more readily assessed from a woman’s body than her face, the Texas study tested the hypothesis that men evaluating a potential short-term mate would give higher priority to information gleaned from her body, relative to her face, than men evaluating a potential long-term mate.

Women assigned to the short-term and long-term mating conditions all gave greater priority to information obtained from an opposite sex individual’s face

The results support the hypothesis that men are attracted to women’s bodies in short-term mating contexts, such as a pub, bar or nightclub.

In contrast, women’s relative preferences were unaffected by mating condition, suggesting that women consistently prioritise facial cues over bodily cues.

The authors believe that a woman’s face provides relatively richer information regarding her reproductive value and conversely, that a woman’s body conveys stronger cues to her current fertility.

These two dimensions peak at different ages, meaning there is unlikely to be a woman who is simultaneously at the pinnacle of reproductive value and fertility. In human populations, reproductive value peaks around age 17, whereas fertility peaks around age 24.

The study shows that for men, but not for women, priority shifting takes place based on the pursuit of short-term and long-term mating strategies.


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  1. I don’t know if this is always true. But men definately look!

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